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Have you ever seen a ghost?  I have – several in fact and not only when I’ve had one too many vodka spritzers.  We live in an old Victorian house and although there are no bumps in the night and physical apparitions going on here – well, there may be but I rely on the dogs and cats to warn me because I read somewhere that canines and pussies are much more ‘sentient’ than we are.  However so far the only reaction I’ve got from them is mad barking every time the screen bangs against the front door or one of the goldfish farts.  The rest of the time they spend snoring with their legs up in the air and their tongues lolling out – indicating to me that they would be less than useless if burglars broke in let alone ghosts.  But we do have a ghost in the house – I swear it.  He – or she – likes to hide things and after a few days of watching us tearing the house apart looking for the car keys puts them back in really obvious places – like the middle of the carpet where we will be sure to trip over them if we’re not careful.


This has happened many times.  Once I lost my cheque-book and went through the house as usual throwing things around and swearing only to find it right in the middle of the floor.  Another time I set my new barbecue scraper-offer down on the kitchen table but when I went to use it found it was gone.  The expected mad scramble around the house ensued with the usual accusations and recriminations and refusals to admit that anyone else had even seen it let alone moved it.  Three days later there it was hanging from the key rack outside the backdoor large as life and about as close to my nose as you could get without squinting.  So what is going on here?  The only explanation is that we have a ghost with a sense of humour who likes to have a giggle at our expense.  Just in case I’ve tried asking said ghost to aport a million dollars or so on to the coffee table but with no success so far.  I’ll keep you posted.


However, I have experienced more tangible evidence of ghosts than the one who hides the barbecue scraper.  I once saw my son-in-law, deceased about a year, driving down the street alongside me.  I looked at him – he looked at me – and then he was gone.  This would have been a perfectly ordinary occurrence if hadn’t been for the fact that he was dead.  He looked quite solid and just as he always did and in case you think I might have been hallucinating or drunk it was about 11am in the morning and far too early for tippling and besides that, his wife was sitting beside me and she saw him too.  Years before that I flew back to England with my ex-husband after receiving an urgent call that his dad was slipping away fast and time was short.  Half-way across the Atlantic I distinctly heard a voice in my ear saying ‘I’ve gone now’ and I knew we were going to be too late.  When we got there I was not at all surprised to discover that he had passed at the precise time I heard his voice.  We stayed of course for the funeral which was held on a dreary day in Devon in a dreary old church that he had never attended.  A heavy depression lay upon the mourners as we listened to the eulogy and the service.  Afterwards we walked up the aisle in respectful procession with our heads bowed but out the corner of my eye I suddenly caught sight of an old man sitting in one of the back pews with a wide grin plastered all over his face nodding to us all as we passed.  I thought it was somewhat inappropriate to be having a laugh when someone had just passed on but assumed it was some mad old relative suffering from severe dementia and the notion that he was attending a tea party with either the Queen or Alice – I couldn’t be sure.  But later, at the family gathering, out came the photo album, and you guessed it, it was dad that I had seen in the church, no doubt having a giggle at attending his own funeral and obviously pleased as punch at the turn-out.


One of my favourite Brit shows is ‘Most Haunted’, although they never seem to get anything substantive on camera and Derek Acora’s ‘possessions’ did appear to be somewhat contrived after a while.  I much prefer David Wells who seems to have the more genuine gift of the two although Cieran O’Keefe keeps trying to spoil it all by coming up with various ‘logical’ explanations to discount psychic phenomena.  Did you see the one on board the Queen Mary?  I couldn’t sleep for a week and I haven’t been near a swimming pool on a deserted ship since.  Got any ghost stories to share?  Come on then – I’m listening..


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